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Looking for Room for the hotel [Apr. 3rd, 2014|03:30 am]
Trying to keep costs down does anyone have any space in their hotel rooms will pay of course.
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2012|04:07 pm]
Quick update after managing to pul going to Anime Expo for next to nothing out of thin air, my car decided to have an issue that cost over a grand. Need work if anyone can hell please message me yesterday.

K Thanks.
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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2012|12:53 am]
I still have not much to post Other then having played resident evil revelations. I'm trying to focus on aother things but i have a downward trejectory as far as the rest of the world is concerned. I'm still trying to pull up but i have no idea if the planes responding to the controls or not.

I have been editing vids quite a bit lateley there isn't much else i can do comfortably. I'm just stuck i do feel i need to get back out of auburn but i can't.
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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2012|03:09 pm]
I wonder if anyone i know outside of two people still even use this site? Me really i havent hadto much to say, assuming anyones reading this journal in order its going to be like jesus in the bible i'm young then suddenly i'm near 30 with no real job and possibilities but no realities.

No saying that life needs to be perfect but i need some idea that i can advance in some form.

Happy 2012 all.
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Its weird [Nov. 20th, 2011|05:47 pm]
I'm looking through various 'friends' on LJ and its amazing when you see the point where they stopped posting . Its like a bunch of randomly interchangeable stories that were canceled cause they weren't selling well.
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A week of sick [Nov. 20th, 2011|05:40 pm]
I hopefully have had my illness for the whole week. As currently i have been sick for the whole damn week, i think i started with one disease and got another. I have mostly been drinking liquids and feeling like two nails were trying to meet in the middle of my head.

I started my Ridgeline internship while under this i managed to get just better enough not to completely mess it up with my current state. Id like this to lead to some sort of job, i really need work of some sort. Hope you guys are doing well.
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Just a dream [Aug. 6th, 2011|09:40 am]
Had a dream last night.
The game i'm making did really well, got cast as a character in Hellsing, Square Enix released a good final fantasy again, had a date one of the girls in this world that i wished i could(wont say her name in case she ever reads this.

Then i woke up. Not sure if i should be happy or not on the one hand experiencing something like that is an awesome feeling. On the other hand, waking up to the reality of where i am now well its one of those states of existing where you wish you could stay there. Especially with the girl in question, i'm not that great with other people, i have actual medical conditions that make it hard to be with other people. And the few romantic encounters i've had didn't last long at all.

I do honestly feel like a misfit of sorts. And when as a society we keep talking about the importance of individuality, as someone that is reasonably unique i find that most of that talk is bullshit. All the atributes in my life that have made me different and thus an individual are the same things that get on peoples nerves or are used to screw me over work wise.

Jobs may need people that can think out of the box but they sure as hell don't hire them.

I suppose whats going on is my brains way of dealing with some of the things going on. If dreams are usually supposed to be about the things were not dealing with what does that make said dream. For one the girl in question doesn't know me that well and allready has another, Square Enix i have no controle over and even if i did ever get a job there i guarantee id have no influence on final fantasy outside of mabye some translation or if Voice Acting ever got back into my life playing one of their characters. Hellsing i am a friend with the ADR director and that's my only connection. There a chance he may read this so yeah of course id like to be in anime and of course Hellsing is one of those series id really like to be a part of. My subconscious mind made me do it.  The last thing is the only thing i have control over is the game. Hopefully I can make that part of the dream a reality.
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Nothng to do [Jul. 18th, 2011|04:50 pm]
And I have nothing to do. I'm literately feeling without any real direction in everything, oh and the debt monster is still out there. Not the most fun position to be in. The irony of all this being how much worse some people have it, realizing that kind of voids how miserable you should be feeling. Yet i still do.
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Its amazing [Jul. 8th, 2011|02:52 pm]
Its amazing how few people are still here from my old friends list. Looking over the people i was following it seems as if some sort of nuke was let off in 2009 and the rest of us are just some horribly mutated freaks left over from the fallout.

Twitter is of course to blame since people don't have the patience to write out anything longer then 140 characters.

So where does that leave the rest of us? Well i guess it leaves us with the same bullshit that we always had just with less people.
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What to say [Apr. 24th, 2010|01:00 am]
I'm posting again, odd that i feel suddenly like coming back. I guess that's cause i can work thoughts out through here.
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